‘Walking Dead’ Star Melissa McBride Says Carol ‘Blows Up a Lot of Things’ in Season 10 Finale

Fans of The Walking Dead had to wait extra long for the finale to season 10. It was supposed to air in March, but it got postponed during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The finale is still a few months away, but at least Melissa McBride gives fans some hints about what’s going to happen, especially with Carol.

McBride was part of The Walking Dead’s San Diego Comic-Con@Home panel on July 24. She previewed the season finale, and season 11 with showrunner Angela Kang. The season 10 finale airs Oct. 4 and six bonus season 10 episodes are coming in 2021.

Melissa McBride says Carol explodes in ‘The Walking Dead’ season finale
Carol has come a long way on The Walking Dead. One of the few characters to survive since the very beginning, Carol began as an abused wife who became empowered through zombie survival. Of course, the apocalypse is traumatizing in other ways so McBride acknowledges Carol has been through the wringer.

She’s kind of in the same place but different. Same water, different boat. I don’t know, but she’s trying to make some amends here where we left off. At the beginning she was out getting respite, trying to find perspective, trying to get out of the eye of the storm. And then she comes back and she’s just blinded by this enormous grief and vengeance and justice at the detriment to her friendship with Daryl and the group. A lot of things blow up. She blows up a lot of things.

Melisssa McBride, The Walking Dead San Diego Comic-Con@Home panel, 7/24/2020

This scene in the penultimate season 10 episode was important for Melissa McBride

Season 10 episode 15, “The Tower,” included a scene that was important to McBride. Carol and Kelley (Angel Theory) have a big talk to hash things out

“What I loved about the end episode was the talk that she had with Kelly,” McBride said. “She needed that so badly just to be reminded that she is a lone wolf. And to not lose yourself. Just embrace that about yourself and be okay with it.”

Where does ‘The Walking Dead’ leave Carol and Daryl
Reedus spoke about how Daryl dealt with helping Carol through a nervous breakdown. Kang teased the potential for their friendship in season 11.

“The thing about Daryl and Carol is they have one of the coolest relationships on the show,” Kang said. “It’s so much fun to write for both Norman and Melissa. I think as with any really long, deep relationship with anybody in people’s lives, it gets complicated because they an be real with each other in ways not everybody can. But that means that the hurts run deeper.”

Kang wasn’t giving away anything about season 11, but season 10 gives her and the writers a great starting point.

“So all I want to say without spoiling it is you kind of start from that point and then they’ve got a long road to travel,” Kang said. “We’re writing some new stuff now and we’ll see where it all ends.”

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