Truth About Justin Theroux’s Love Life

Justin Theroux hasn’t publicly dated anyone since his amicable separation from Jennifer Aniston in 2017. But tabloids wouldn’t be tabloids if they just reported the facts, and recently they’ve been having a field day imagining all the residual drama that must be going on between Theroux and his ex. Here are four times Gossip Cop shot down incorrect theories about the actor.

In August, the Leftovers star was caught in an imaginary feud between his ex-wife and her friends, with OK! claiming that Courteney Cox was using him to get “revenge” on Aniston and Reese Witherspoon for the apparent crime of teaming up for The Morning Show without her. Cox allegedly decided to help plan Theroux’s birthday party a kindness she hadn’t shown for Aniston months earlier. A shady source said that Aniston was left feeling “utterly betrayed” by the act, calling it “a step too far” with her ex-husband. Gossip Cop busted the silly story by pointing out that Cox and her Friends co-star had vacationed together in Mexico earlier that summer and had celebrated the Fourth of July together, after The Morning Show had finished production. It seems Cox wasn’t too bothered about the project.

In December, OK! followed up that bogus claim with a report that Aniston couldn’t move on from Theroux, which was supposedly why she hasn’t publicly dated anyone since. The tabloid states that Aniston and Theroux’s continued friendship after their divorce has done “more harm than good,” as “it’s hampering her from seeing other guys… her friends are worried that she’s putting all her eggs in one basket – and is going to wind up disappointed all over again.” Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the exes, who confirmed that the story was totally made up. Aniston herself had told Howard Stern a couple months earlier that she was “very, very busy” with work, which was why she hadn’t been dating.

In January, Gossip Cop busted NW for claiming that Theroux and Angelina Jolie had started hooking up to get revenge on Aniston and Brad Pitt, who had supposedly gotten engaged at this point. Of course, as we’ve already established here, Theroux and Aniston are on good terms, so there’s no reason for him to want revenge on her. Also, it should almost go without saying at this point that Aniston and Pitt are not engaged, nor are they dating. They haven’t been romantically linked for 15 years.

Most recently, Theroux was said to be going on secret dates with Katie Holmes, according to Woman’s Day. Holmes had even supposedly introduced him to her daughter, Suri. Theroux and Holmes is a pretty random pairing, given that Holmes’ spokesperson assured Gossip Cop that they don’t even know each other, but it’s one the tabloids keep bringing up for some reason. This tabloid alone had already made a phony claim that Theroux had been introduced to Suri. Obviously, he couldn’t have met her twice, and most likely hasn’t met her at all.

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