‘The Bachelor’ star Peter Weber rejects Victoria Fuller as Madison Prewett reluctantly accepts a rose

The Bachelor: The Women Tell All kicked off with Peter Weber’s Final 3 Rose Ceremony in which Madison Prewett reluctantly accepted a rose and he eliminated Victoria Fuller during Monday night’s Season 24 broadcast on ABC.

“I’m just sad. I was just hoping to find love. Isn’t that what anyone’s hoping for?” Victoria said in her final words with tears in her eyes.

“I think the conversation he had with Madison changed everything that he felt with me. The fact that someone can sway his opinion with an ultimatum? I mean, it sucks. I just don’t want him to regret any decisions he’s made.”

As fans saw in last week’s episode, Madison pulled Peter aside before they traveled to Australia to tell him she’d have a hard time continuing the process if he chose to sleep with another woman during his round of overnight Fantasy Suite dates.

And then during Madison’s Fantasy Suite date with Peter, she admitted she probably wouldn’t be able to accept an engagement if he had chosen to have sex with either Hannah Ann Sluss or Victoria — or the both of them — before their date.

Peter tearfully confessed he had, in fact, been “intimate,” and so Madison cut their date short and left Peter alone at their Fantasy Suite location in the Gold Coast.

The episode began with Hannah Ann and Victoria getting ready for the Rose Ceremony in which Peter was going to determine his Final 2 bachelorettes.

“Getting a rose means I’m one step closer to forever with him and I. Peter’s love is very pure. I see something in him that I’ve never seen in anyone else before, and I would be happy if I get to be with him for the rest of my life because he does make me the happiest I’ve ever been, and I’m in love with him,” Victoria told the cameras.

Hannah Ann was hoping to dive deeper into her relationship with Peter by meeting his parents.

“How I feel for Peter is truly so strong. He has redefined what love means to me,” Hannah Ann said in a confessional.

But Peter was still reeling over the conversation he had with Madison Prewett that “went horribly.” Peter explained to The Bachelor host Chris Harrison that he wasn’t sure whether Madison was going to be able to continue this journey with him.

“I get her frustration and I get her anger and her pain with me, and I hate that I’m doing that to her. Maybe I didn’t go about this the right way. I don’t know,” Peter told Chris.

“This could be it right now. I’ve never gone into a Rose Ceremony before having no idea what’s going to happen.”

Peter admitted he could see all three women being his future wife. He said Hannah Ann has one of the most beautiful hearts he’s ever seen and he could “100 percent see a life with her.”

But Peter could also see a forever with Victoria, saying their Fantasy Suite date went perfectly. He said what they had was real, but his conversation with Madison was still weighing heavily on him.

Peter said he would be heartbroken if Madison chose to leave him and quit the show.

Hannah Ann and Victoria were the only two women standing at the Final Rose Ceremony, and Peter appeared completely distraught. He had tears in his eyes and stared at the ground with his hands in his pockets.

Victoria could tell Madison had “messed with his head a little bit,” and so she hoped the bachelorette wouldn’t show up.

However, Madison did in fact arrive late to the Rose Ceremony, and she told Chris that she wasn’t feeling great and the Fantasy Suite week definitely didn’t go as planned.

“I was falling in love with him, and then last night happened. And now I don’t really know,” Madison admitted to Chris.

When Peter saw Madison standing next to Hannah Ann and Victoria, he looked relieved and as if he was trying to contain his happiness.

But when the Rose Ceremony began, Peter could barely speak and he was all choked up. He said the idea of hurting one of his Final 3 women was “destroying” him.

With shaking hands and tears in his eyes, Peter handed out a rose to Hannah Ann and then Madison.

Madison hesitated for a minute and then reluctantly accepted Peter’s rose.

“Madison, will you accept this rose?” Peter asked.

“Yeah,” Madison whispered.

“You sure?” Peter asked.

“Yeah,” Madison replied with no more enthusiasm in her voice.

Peter therefore eliminated Victoria.

When he spoke to her before she left, Peter said everything they had was so real and he had been falling in love with her.

“I just know that my heart is further along with the two other girls,” Peter told Victoria.

Victoria admitted she felt “stupid,” but Peter begged her not to feel that way. Instead of hearing what Peter had to say, she shut him up and said quietly, “I get it,” and, “It is what it is.”

Once Victoria was gone, Madison gave a toast with Peter and Hannah Ann saying, “Here’s to seeing if love can conquer all. Cheers.”

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