‘The Bachelor’ star Peter Weber on Hannah Ann Sluss split: She didn’t really challenge me and and we weren’t really compatible

The Bachelor star Peter Weber has revealed part of the reason he broke up with Hannah Ann Sluss and ended their engagement was because he realized they weren’t as compatible as he thought and she didn’t challenge him.

Peter admitted he felt confusion and had questions and doubts before proposing marriage to Hannah Ann at the Final Rose Ceremony in Australia, which filmed in November 2019.

However, Peter told The Bachelorette alums Rachel Lindsay and Becca Kufrin during a recent appearance on Bachelor Happy Hour podcast he didn’t want to lose Hannah Ann since she has “a beautiful soul” and he hoped his residual feelings for Madison Prewett would eventually go away.

“I know looking back on it now, that should have been a clear sign to me. I did know that I loved Hannah Ann… [But] I did kind of convince myself that I was ready to propose to Hannah Ann,” Peter said.

“I just kept holding onto the love that I had for her and just the potential.”

After getting engaged, Peter and Hannah saw each other several times — but their relationship apparently didn’t get any better or stronger.

“I guess after the show was over, we would do Happy Couple [secret visits] and I got to see her three or four times and during those visits, like, I love Hannah Ann. I am truly such a big fan of Hannah Ann and I always will be. We’ve always had a great time together,” Peter shared.

“I just think slowly but surely, I just noticed that maybe we weren’t as compatible as I thought we were. And I say that in regards to possibly just, like, the two of us challenging each other in a relationship.”

Peter added, “I didn’t necessarily feel it as much as I thought I was going to in those next couple meetings. And a little of it too was those unresolved feelings for Madison and that was stuff I struggled with like no other.”

Peter ended up blindsiding and dumping Hannah Ann in January because he couldn’t give the Tennessee model his whole heart.

During a different appearance on Nick Viall’s The Viall Files podcast, Peter elaborated on why his relationship with Hannah Ann fell apart in the two months after they got engaged.

“It’s tough to go from that whole show, and then not see the person you’re engaged to, except for maybe three times in a matter of a couple of months. The foundation for that relationship, obviously, isn’t insanely strong yet… I didn’t expect it to be so difficult,” Peter explained.

“And I think that I didn’t want to — it sucked me to admit to myself, but as we spent time together during the happy couple weekends, I didn’t feel — a lot of it was my feelings for Madison weren’t completely resolved, and it just didn’t feel 100 percent right for me. I kept thinking it was going to get better but it didn’t necessarily get better.”

“Honestly, I feel like maybe the two of us just didn’t challenge each other enough, and I think I started to truly see that when you are now just in pure isolation with each other,” he said.

Peter considered waiting things out and giving Hannah Ann a chance for them to be a normal couple in the real world, but he apparently decided his heart was too torn to be fair to his fiancee.

“I remember struggling with it a lot. There were thoughts, ‘Am I giving up too early? Should I continue this?'” Peter revealed.

“And just my thought process was — is it going to suck no matter what? Yes. But it wasn’t fair to her to keep dragging her through this if I knew I wasn’t 100 percent there. And it wasn’t fair to myself, so it led me to do it a little bit early.”

With the help of The Bachelor host Chris Harrison playing matchmaker, Peter and Madison filmed a brief reunion in California after Peter became single again.

But the fate of Peter and Madison’s relationship was undecided until they met again on the March 10 finale of The Bachelor, which featured the pair openly discussing their situation and choosing to officially get back together.

During that same broadcast, however, Peter had to come face to face with Hannah Ann again after their emotional breakup. He called the live finale “quite the ordeal” and “really tough.”

“I remember leading up to that day having a lot of anxiety. I was stressing out about it… I was about to pass out, to be honest, knowing that I was about to see Hannah Ann again for the first time, and not really knowing what was gonna happen with Madison on a live stage. That’s tough,” Peter told Nick on his podcast.

“Watching that breakup with Hannah Ann was brutal for me and there’s just no other way to say it. I just felt so bad about the situation. I felt I let down so many people, Hannah Ann being number one, and myself.”

“It’s a weird thing to breakup with someone and have it be so public and then confront them and have that conversation,” Peter said. “I was 100 percent in the wrong with Hannah Ann and with that relationship.”

Peter and Madison, however, announced their split just two days after The Bachelor finale aired on March 12 via Instagram. (Click here to read what led up to Peter and Madison’s breakup, and click here to read when Peter realized their relationship wouldn’t work out).

For the last two weeks, Peter has been self-quarantining with The Bachelor contestant Kelley Flanagan in her hometown of Chicago, IL, amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Peter insisted to Nick they’re not currently dating; however, he admitted there is hope in the future for them to work out as a couple.

Given Hannah Ann apparently didn’t challenge Peter, Ashley Iaconetti asked Peter if he had found his “challenger” in Kelley earlier this month on her Almost Famous In Depth podcast with Ben Higgins.

“I swear I’m nice too!” Kelley interjected with a laugh during Peter’s interview.

“The short answer, yeah,” the commercial pilot replied. “I’m just very grateful for her throughout all of this and all the patience she has given me.”

Meanwhile, Hannah Ann and Madison both appear to be single, but Hannah Ann recently revealed there is a new man in her life she is excited to date and get to know better.

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