‘The Bachelor’ star Peter Weber defends Madison Prewett’s Fantasy Suites ultimatum

The Bachelor star Peter Weber is defending Madison Prewett’s apparent ultimatum in which she told him before Fantasy Suites it would be “really hard” to move forward in the process if he slept with another woman.

“I don’t feel like it was an ultimatum. I don’t,” Peter told Entertainment Tonight.

“I think it was her doing what I asked every girl to do from the very first night, and that was to be honest with me and share what was ever on their heart. And that’s what she did.”

Madison’s approach to Fantasy Suite week left Peter struggling, but the pilot apparently doesn’t blame the virgin for putting him in a tough position going into his dates with Hannah Ann Sluss and Victoria Fuller.

“Trust me, it made for an insanely incredibly difficult week for me,” Peter admitted.

“There’s no doubt about that. But I can’t fault her for just sharing her heart.”

Madison pulled Peter aside in Los Angeles, CA, before the Bachelor and his Final 3 bachelorettes took off for Cold Coast, Australia for a week of overnight Fantasy Suite dates.

“Next week, if you were to sleep with somebody else, it would be really hard for me to move forward in this,” Madison told Peter.

Peter asked Madison to give him a straight “yes” or “no” answer as to whether she’d quit The Bachelor if he chose to have sex with another woman during Fantasy Suites, but Madison refused to clarify.

Madison instead offered up vague statements such as, “I don’t know,” and, “It’s going to be really hard for me if that’s the case.”

“In no way do I want to give you an ultimatum or tell you what you can or can’t do at all, and I hope you know that and I hope you know my heart, but for me, actions speak louder than words and I’m just really big on that,” Madison said.

During the dinner portion of her Fantasy Suite date with Peter, Madison revealed that she was saving herself for marriage, and again reiterated her “standards” and “expectations,” both for herself and for her partner.

“For me, I wouldn’t be able to say ‘yes’ to an engagement and continue to, like, move forward if you have slept with the other women,” Madison admitted to Peter.

Peter grew very upset at the idea Madison might leave him over decisions he had made in regards to intimacy in his other relationships.

“So you would possibly give up a forever with each other because of something that happened this week with another relationship of mine? You’d be able to walk away from this?” Peter asked.

Madison explained she just couldn’t wrap her mind around potentially accepting a marriage proposal from Peter if, six days before that, he had slept with someone else.

“I don’t know how else to do this, but I’ll just be very honest. I’m not going to give you any details, but I have been intimate,” Peter confessed. “And I can’t lie to you about that.”

Madison appeared devastated and excused herself from the conversation. As she cried to herself, Peter was doing the same while sitting alone at their dinner table.

Once they reunited outside, Peter embraced Madison and begged, “Don’t walk away. Don’t. I know I’m not perfect, not even close. If you can honestly see you and me together forever, do not walk away. Please don’t.”

“I know that I hurt you and I’m sorry for that,” he added, “but please don’t walk away from this. What do you need to do?”

“I don’t know,” Madison replied, before walking away from Peter and leaving him alone on their Fantasy Suite date.

Monday night’s The Bachelor episode ended on a cliffhanger.

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