The Bachelor recap: Madison Prewett walks away from Peter Weber after he admits being “intimate” in Fantasy Suites

The Bachelor featured Madison Prewett walking away from Peter Weber during their Fantasy Suite date after learning he had been “intimate” with at least one of his other two bachelorettes during Monday night’s broadcast of Season 24 on ABC.

Peter’s Final 3 bachelorettes heading into the next phase of this process were Madison, Hannah Ann Sluss and Victoria Fuller.

The Bachelor Episode 9

The Bachelor broadcast began with Madison pulling Peter aside in an airport hangar after he eliminated Kelsey Weier following hometowns.

Madison had realized just how serious this process was, and she was developing stronger and stronger feelings for Peter. She therefore knew it was time to express her views on an engagement and Fantasy Suites.

“I am saving myself for marriage. I can’t keep moving forward and continuing this relationship if I don’t get the clarity and peace and confidence I need. It’s just hard to know what to say, and I am definitely worried and concerned,” Madison told the cameras.

Madison warns Peter about sleeping with the other women

When Madison and Peter sat down to talk, she hesitated and struggled to gather her words, and her behavior scared Peter right off the bat.

“Next week, if you were to sleep with somebody else, it would be really hard for me to, like, really move forward in this. And I just feel like I owe it to you to be upfront with you and honest about that. That’s really important to me,” Madison told Peter.

Peter asked for clarification, asking whether Madison would leave the show if he ended up spending the night with someone else.

Madison didn’t give Peter a “yes” or “no” answer; she just said it would be “really hard” for her to deal with.

Peter asked Madison to give it to him straight, saying he really needed to know what was going on inside of her head. He asked if she wanted him to end it all, but she said that’s not what she was implying.

Peter admitted he wanted to be fair to his other two relationships and didn’t want his actions in those relationships to make Madison think less of what they had.

“This is obviously something I need to know right now,” Peter said. “Are you saying you wouldn’t be able to keep this going with me if I spent the night with someone else? Just so we can be clear?”

Madison said “in no way” did she want to give him an “ultimatum” and tell him what he “can and can’t do,” but at the same time, she vaguely reiterated how “actions speak louder than words” and she’s just “really big on that.”

Peter assured Madison that she meant a lot to him, but she didn’t seem to find peace in his words. He added, “I’m crazy about you.”

Peter told the cameras Madison meant the world to him but she had thrown him a curveball by suggesting she wouldn’t be okay with him being intimate with anyone else.

Peter didn’t know how to proceed because Madison hadn’t even professed her love for him while both Hannah Ann and Victoria had already said they were “falling in love” or “in love” with him.

Peter wanted to be fair to his other two relationships and not hold back on exploring his feelings for Hannah Ann and Victoria. He said Madison’s comments were going to make the week much more difficult for him, and Madison was admittedly “dreading” the week.

Peter and the bachelorettes travel to Australia

Peter and his Final 3 bachelorettes then traveled to Gold Coast, Australia for Fantasy Suite week.

Peter was feeling “very seriously” about all three women, and he intended to give each of his three remaining relationships the best chance.

Madison, Hannah Ann and Victoria were then shown moving into the same hotel suite for Fantasy Suite week for the first time in The Bachelor history.

Victoria noted it was “so awkward” to be living with Peter’s other girls.

Hannah Ann has her Fantasy Suite date with Peter

Peter’s first date was with Hannah Ann, and Madison noted, “Peter is a big boy and I trust him, and at the end of the day, that’s what I’m clinging to… Now, the ball is in his court and he’s got some big decisions to make.”

For the day portion of their date, Hannah Ann and Peter rode jet skis, and Peter said he appreciated how Hannah Ann shares the same passion and zest for life.

While sitting on a little private beach, Hannah Ann asked Peter how he was feeling. Peter said he knew exactly how he felt about her and that helped him through moments of uncertainty.

Hannah Ann promised Peter that after the week she would put forth the sacrifice, understanding and patience she would need to make their relationship work.

Hannah Ann cried about the idea of Peter spending the night with two other women, but she assured the Bachelor, “I believe in us,” adding how that mentality helped her to overcome her fear.

Peter told Hannah Ann he meant it when he said he was falling in love with her, and Hannah Ann said it meant so much to her to hear that.

Peter noted it was “the best feeling in the world” to have Hannah Ann’s love and he had “zero doubt” they had incredible passion and chemistry, which he said he needs in a relationship and future marriage.

“She’s making my heart come out of my chest, and if this is what love is, then this is true love — because I’m feeling it,” Peter shared in a confessional of Hannah Ann. “I don’t ever want to come down from this, and hopefully I’ll never have to.”

While Madison was struggling with thoughts of Peter in a Fantasy Suite with Hannah Ann and waking up next to other women, Hannah Ann was giddy, excited and anxious about her night with Peter.

Over dinner, Peter told Hannah Ann that he could definitely envision a future with her and was so glad she never allowed “doubt to creep in.” Hannah Ann promised the Bachelor she was “all in” because she’d rather leave The Bachelor with her heart broken than with regret.

Peter gushed to Hannah Ann that he was 100 percent sure he was falling in love, and Hannah expressed how she was completely devoted to him.

“I want you to do what you have to do in order to get there… I don’t need to know the details; I don’t care. It’s about being together in the end,” Hannah Ann told Peter.

Peter thanked Hannah Ann for making a “really, really complicated” and “tough” week a little bit easier, and then he offered her the Fantasy Suite date invitation.

Hannah Ann insisted she was in love with Peter and would never pass up on getting to spend more time with him. She told the cameras looking at Peter was like looking at a reflection of her own heart.

She therefore accepted the Fantasy Suite date invitation, and Peter showed Hannah Ann around their hotel suite for the night — which included a hot tub overlooking the city skyline.

“I see exactly what I have in front of me. I have the most perfect woman that I’ve honestly always dreamt of. Truly, the sky is the limit for us,” Peter said.

Footage then captured Peter and Hannah Ann making out while lying in bed, followed by a makeout session behind the closed doors of a shower.

Victoria has her Fantasy Suite date with Peter

The next day, Hannah Ann returned to the ladies’ hotel suite, and it was extremely uncomfortable for the women to reunite and talk about Hannah Ann’s night. Hannah Ann simply said the night was great, and then Victoria took off for her date.

Despite the obstacles Peter and Victoria had faced in their relationship, Peter said he and the bachelorette continued to choose each other and rise above their issues.

Peter’s feelings for Victoria kept him invested in their relationship, but he wanted to start off their Fantasy Suite date on a clean slate.

When the date began, Peter told Victoria he trusted her and had her back as a result, which Victoria was very thankful to hear.

“I see the fight in you, and obviously I’m still fighting for you as well,” Peter told Victoria, adding, “I don’t want to look back at all.”

Peter then whisked Victoria away in a helicopter, where they could view the Gold Coast from the air.

While flying, Peter said he had “fire” with Victoria and knew they’d never have a boring relationship. While some people might argue he and Victoria had too much passion, that’s what he liked about their romance.

The only area the couple needed to work on was communication, and Victoria had threatened to walk away before. Peter therefore intended to have some real, deep conversation with Victoria that day.

The pair later sat down and discussed their issues, and Victoria said she didn’t want Peter to give up on her, especially since they fought during her hometown date in Virginia Beach.

Peter admitted their relationship had been tried more than the others but he fights for what he really wants.

“Once I’m invested in something or somebody, it’s, like, game over,” Victoria agreed.

Peter felt “horrible” he had never met Victoria’s family during this process, and he said he thought about that “over and over again.” But Peter thanked Victoria for surprising him in his hotel room in Virginia Beach the next day.

Victoria hoped her relationship with Peter would be “smooth sailing” going forward, and she finally felt they were on the same page.

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