Pete Davidson’s Explanation For The Kaia Gerber Breakup Is Shockingly Honest

Pete Davidson and Kaia Gerber’s whirlwind romance surprised a lot of people. The tabloids, of course, jumped all over the relationship with all kinds of bogus stories. If we’re honest, the couple’s breakup wasn’t that shocking. Davidson recently revealed what went on, and his honesty is refreshing.

Gossip Cop first reported on the news that the SNL star and the supermodel daughter of Cindy Crawford were dating back in October. Given Davidson’s history and his reputation, as well as Gerber’s age (18), it wasn’t shocking that the new couple raised some eyebrows. A few months later and it was over, following a pattern in Davidson’s love life.

Pete Davidson tells the truth

In an interview with Charlamagne Tha God, Davidson opened up about the relationship that the tabloids covered so vigorously. In the interview, he was his usual candid self, opening up about his personal demons and how splitting up with Gerber was probably the for the best. The comedian says, “She’s very young, and I’m [expletive] going through a lot and it was before I went to rehab.” He went on, “It’s just like, she should be having fun. She shouldn’t have to worry about some dude that just has issues and [expletive]. She should be enjoying her work.” Ultimately, says Davidson, “It just wasn’t the right place or the right time.”

Pete Davidson also opened up about what he’s been going through. “My rock bottom is when people are scared of my life and I have to go away, and then I have to bring myself back up again. So I think I’ve hit it a few times. As long as you’re around good, supportive people and if you’re strong, you can get out of it.” Two of those people, Davidson says, were Gerber’s parents, Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber. “Her parents were really helpful and stuff, so they’re cool.”

The tabloids were obsessed with the couple

There were a lot of rumors about the relationship and Gossip Cop debunked quite a few tabloid stories about the couple. One that can be immediately verified was a story in Woman’s Day that claimed Cindy Crawford had warned Kaia Gerber to stay away from Pete Davidson. As Davidson himself said, Crawford and Rande Gerber were helpful, not scornful. While we were confident the story was bogus at the time, it’s always nice to see our reporting re-confirmed.

Another story Gossip Cop busted was from Life & Style that purported both Davidson’s and Gerber’s friends were telling the couple to “pump the brakes” on the relationship. It was not true at the time, and while the couple’s relationship did eventually flame out, there is no evidence that those around them were anything but supportive while they were dating

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