‘My 600-lb Life’: Seana’s mom says her daughter is killing herself, gets slammed for feeding her junk food

Seana Collins has been struggling with her weight ever since she was a young girl. Her father’s abuse led her to drown her sorrows in food and even though she went to therapy to get hold of her emotions, she failed and ended up eating more food than usual. Now, Seana, 22, has reached a point where her body does not allow her to walk for long hours.

Her weight has been overpowering her to the extent that she feels like a walking monster. In fact, looking at Seana’s condition, her mother, Cricket has been worried about what would happen to her daughter. Cricket has watched Seana eat her feelings away and unfortunately, wasn’t there when her daughter was being abused by her husband.

Even though she had the courage to walk away from the marriage, Seana’s mental health was affected and Cricket felt helpless. Unfortunately, Cricket can’t be there for her daughter like she would hope to even now. Since she spends a lot of time on the road due to work, Cricket had asked her friend to come and take care of Seana.

Speaking to the camera, Cricket confessed that she did not like seeing her daughter like this. She confessed that she dreaded getting a phone call where she finds out that Seana is dead. To make matters worse, Cricket admitted that she can see Seana slowly killing herself. While Cricket expressed her emotions and stated that she wanted her daughter to do good, fans thought that she could also be the reason for Seana to lose her life.

Fans noticed that as soon as Cricket walked into the house, Seana asked for some food that Cricket agreed to make. While they did not have a problem with a mother preparing some food for her daughter, they were bothered to see the food that was being fed to Seana.

Cricket bought a plateful of pizza slices along with another plate which consisted of ground beef. Fans were left angry and thought that Cricket was loving her to the extent that might kill Seana.

“So the mother comes over and feeds her daughter 8lbs of ground beef and ten slices of pizza with a smile on her face?!!” read one comment. Another added, “How can her mother smile walking to Seana with two huge plates of food? I wouldn’t be able to help someone I love slowly kill themselves.” Another comment read, “Cricket you’re not going to get the mother of the year, honey.”

However, some tried to defend her as one comment read, “I *think* her mother is letting her eat and has a caretaker for her because she feels guilty. She needs to realize that she is abusing her too.”

‘My 60-lb Life’ airs on Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on TLC.

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