Meg Thee Stallion Sues Record Label For Over $1 Million — Will Drop New Music Next Week!

Megan Thee Stallion has gone on the offensive against her record label, filing a lawsuit and restraining order against the company, saying she is not going to stand for their bullying and strong-armed tactics.

According to the lawsuit, filed in Harris County, Texas, Meg Thee Stallion says she is locked in a terrible contract and is unable to release music ready to go for next week.

But, luckily for her, the judge has granted part of her temporary restraining order allowing her to drop the new music on Friday.

Meg Thee Stallion Says She Only Got A $10K Advance…

In the lawsuit, Meg says her contract is terrible and says that the label (1501 Certified) gets 60% of her recording income and she gets the other 40%. The problem is…she says that costs associated with producing the music like featured artists, mixing and engineers come out of her pocket.

She says the contract only paid her a $10,000 advance upon signing it. As you know, Meg has taken to social media saying the label didn’t make her and that she was freestyling and had a following before she signed a record deal.

Claims Record Label Is Known For Intimidating People

In the end, she claims a very small portion ends up in her pocket, and so she attempted to re-negotiate the deal.

According to the lawsuit, the contract says all the money that is paid for Meg’s appearances and live shows gets directly paid to the label. She claims they are responsible to give her an accounting of income and costs, but says at this point what they have provided is “purposefully and deceptively vague.”

Meg Thee Stallion also points out the label boss, Carl Crawford, has been using his relationship with Rap-a-Lot Records founder J. Prince to intimidate people.

Dropping New Music Next Week!

She claims, “Prince is notorious in the industry for strong-armed intimidation tactics, and the comment was taken as a physical threat of harm.” She believes the group is behind an online campaign against her including a story about her getting arrested 5 years ago.

The Stallion is suing the label for over $1 Million, but the bigger news for fans is that she is allowed to drop her new music. According to the judge’s order, Meg can release her new music which is slated to drop Friday.

It seems this fight may be far from over…but we will get some new club bangers from MTS!

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