‘Married at First Sight’ star Zach: Mindy is beautiful, she’s just not my kind of beautiful!

Married at First Sight star Zach Justice says he agrees his wife Mindy Shiben is beautiful, she’s not his kind of beautiful.

Zach dished on his struggling marriage to Mindy and what was lacking in their relationship during a February 19 appearance on Lifetime’s Married at First Sight: Unfiltered, which is hosted by MAFS Season 1 star Jamie Otis.

So far on Season 10 of Married at First Sight, which is currently airing on Lifetime, Zach has pointed out numerous times he’s not attracted to Mindy and they lacked “intangible” chemistry.

Jamie therefore pointed out on Unfiltered Zach being so honest with Mindy about his feelings must have been a tough pill for his wife to swallow.

“That’s hard to hear especially because you’re an attractive guy and she’s attracted to you, so that’s just, like, a tough blow, you know, I think to her,” Jamie shared.

“Yeah, and she’s a beautiful girl,” Zach’s Married at First Sight co-star Taylor Dunklin acknowledged.

“She is beautiful actually!” Jamie agreed.

Zach then quickly noted, “I agree with you.”

Jamie therefore asked Zach to clarify that he found Mindy beautiful but still wasn’t attracted to her.

“Oh yeah, I think she’s beautiful,” Zach said. “She’s just not my beautiful.”

“What’s your beautiful?” Jamie asked, looking for answers.

“Personally, it’s always been someone who is very athletic looking, you know, soccer or volleyball,” Zach explained.

Jamie, however, appeared shocked by Zach’s response, arguing, “Mindy is super athletic! She is a skater!”

Jamie reaction appeared to be prompted by the fact it’s clear just by looking at Mindy’s physique that the figure-skating coach is fit and toned. She also apparently lives a healthy lifestyle, with good nutrition and exercise, as shown on Married at First Sight’s tenth season.

Zach initially just smiled and smirked in response to Jamie’s objection, saying nothing.

“Umm, and, I don’t know,” Zach then continued in attempt to justify his lack of an attraction to Mindy.

“It’s just — and again, it’s not only physical. At the same time, she’s beautiful, but there’s so much more to that for me personally.”

Zach, however, insisted during the Unfiltered episode he still wanted to be married to Mindy despite this roadblock in their relationship.

“I’ve been in situations where you’ve had nothing from the beginning and then attraction evolved if you get to know somebody,” the personal trainer said.

“And again, I’ve been on the opposite side of the spectrum where I’ve been blinded by chemistry and it just never would have worked at all.”

Zach noted he at least tried to “stay open-minded” about his relationship with Mindy, even though their honeymoon in Panama was a little strained and uncomfortable.

However, once Mindy and Zach returned home to Washington, D.C. and were supposed to move into a neutral apartment together the show had provided for them, Zach was shown choosing to sleep alone at his own place.

(During the Unfiltered episode, Zach also alleged Mindy threatened him with divorce during their honeymoon and came up with the idea to live apart and even see other people!)

Zach admitted not moving in with Mindy damaged his credibility in saying he wanted the marriage to work and would try his best, but he said his goal was to spend valuable time with Mindy in the hope a friendship would blossom into romance.

In the latest tenth-season episode of Married at First Sight, Zach was shown making an effort by meeting Mindy and her friends at a game bar.

He also showed up for a wine night at what was supposed to be his new, shared apartment with Mindy.

Married at First Sight also stars Taylor’s husband Brandon Reid as well as Michael Watson and Meka Jones, Katie Conrad and Derek Sherman, and Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd.

Married at First Sight currently airs on Wednesday nights at 8PM ET/PT on Lifetime.

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