‘Married at First Sight’ star Derek: I said “I love you” in my relationship before Katie, but I didn’t really mean it

Married at First Sight star Derek Sherman has admitted he once told a woman that he was in love with her but he didn’t really mean it.

During the March 25 episode of Married at First Sight: Unfiltered, Derek watched back a Season 10 clip aired of Jessica Studer chickening out when trying to express her true feelings to Austin Hurd. Jessica didn’t feel comfortable enough to say “I love you” because it seemed like Austin wasn’t there yet.

“Honestly, this is textbook Austin and Jessica, and I get that it can be hard saying those things,” Derek told Unfiltered host Jamie Otis.

“I can sympathize with feeling a pressure to say that.”

An ongoing storyline on Married at First Sight’s tenth season is the fact Derek has never been in love before and his wife Katie Conrad is afraid he’ll never come to feel that way about her.

“Have you ever come close to saying it before?” Jamie asked.

“I have said it before,” Derek revealed.

“Oh, you have said it before?” Jamie asked in surprise, given Married at First Sight never revealed this information.

“I have said it before — in my last relationship,” Derek confirmed. “It was kind of me trying to speak it into existence, if you will.”

“I mean, there were feelings there, 100 percent,” he clarified of his previous girlfriend. “But it just wasn’t the level of what those words embody for me.”

Jamie then asked Derek’s Married at First Sight co-star Taylor Dunklin if she, at any point in her marriage, could see herself falling in love with her husband Brandon Reid.

“Honestly,” Taylor began with a laugh, “that’s really hard for me to think about.”

Taylor and Brandon’s marriage has been plagued with issues, as both spouses have accused each other of disrespect and lack trust in one another.

“I mean, at my wedding, I was very optimistic and very hopeful and very excited. I think that kind of masked some of the things that I saw that were bad,” Taylor revealed.

When asked to elaborate, Taylor shared on Unfiltered, “He took the head producer’s phone and threw it across the room at the wedding. I mean, he was getting into so many arguments with production.”

Taylor added that Brandon complained about not being fed by production or receiving adequate meals.

On Married at First Sight’s tenth season, Katie has been working on remaining optimistic and positive about her marriage.

She worried she was going to fall in love with Derek only for him to realize he couldn’t love her in return and reject her.

But Derek quickly grew sick and tired of Katie repeatedly talking about his dating history and asking for reassurance about their future together. Derek called it “bullsh-t” and didn’t think it was crazy he hadn’t met the right person yet at age 27.

Derek at least acknowledged he had “a crush” on Katie and had high hopes when it came to where their relationship was headed — and Katie did too, as long as Derek promised not to snap at her again.

“I forgive you, and I’m sorry for, I guess, dwelling on the issue. And I will stop,” Katie said.

“I don’t want to break your heart,” Derek noted. “But don’t break mine.”

The pair later got into an even more heated argument over Katie asking Derek to forget about his “unrealistic” dreams and become a man, but the pair still chose to stay married on “Recommitment Day” and encourage each other going forward.

Given Derek and Katie both experienced their parents divorcing at young ages, Derek was trying to embrace his inner child while Katie had shut that side of her out in order to not come to terms with what she had missed out on. It seemed the couple finally figured out they could be a good balance for each other.

But Derek and Katie hit another bump in the road when she discovered an intense and deep love poem he had written to another girl when he was in high school while going through his old belongings in a storage unit.

Katie’s jealousy and insecurities resurfaced, knowing Derek once felt so passionately about someone else. Derek certainly had never written a poem like that for Katie, and he admitted it was an awkward situation.

Married at First Sight currently airs at 8PM ET/PT on Wednesday nights also features Mindy Shiben, Zach Justice, Meka Jones, and Michael Watson.

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