‘Married at First Sight’ expert Pastor Cal: Brandon Reid’s behavior is infantile, it’s like he loses his grasp on reality!

Married at First Sight expert Pastor Calvin Roberson believes Brandon Reid’s behavior was “infantile” and he seemingly lost his grip on reality when he lashed out at Taylor Dunklin and show producers on the couples’ retreat.

Married at First Sight viewers witnessed an explosive altercation between Brandon and Taylor during the couples’ retreat that eventually escalated into Brandon essentially having a heated showdown with a producer named Leif.

“Pastor Cal, what’s it like seeing this side of Brandon?” Married at First Sight: Unfiltered host Jamie Otis asked during the April 8 broadcast.

“It’s very discouraging. I don’t like disrespect,” Pastor Cal replied.

“I don’t like the way he talked to the producer [Leif] and I don’t like the way he talked to the female producer! I don’t like the way he talked to his wife.”

“That kind of behavior, I don’t play with it,” Pastor Cal added. “That’s very infantile behavior. It’s like he loses his grasp on reality.”

Brandon was angry at his wife for spending the night out in a hotel with her friends prior to the retreat, but Taylor claimed she had accidentally fallen asleep and being away from Brandon was unintentional.

Taylor therefore refused to back down in the argument and accept fault, which made Brandon even more furious.

Once Taylor stormed away from Brandon and called him “a b-tch,” Brandon attempted to remove his microphone, but Leif asked him not to touch it.

“Guess what? I just did. What? Are you going to put your hands on me?” Brandon asked.

“No, that’s not your property, dude,” Leif countered, entering the footage and breaking the fourth wall.

“What are you going to do?” Brandon asked.

“Who are you?” Leif questioned. “What’s your problem man?”

Brandon then handed his microphone over to Leif and smugly stated, “That’s what.”

Brandon went on to stare the producer down and call him a “piece of sh-t” as well as “a f-cking d-ckhead,” before calling a female producer “a piece of sh-t” as well.

When Leif said he never made Brandon sign up for Married at First Sight, Brandon taunted and berated the producer, getting right up in his face and seemingly making fun of Leif for being shorter.

Taylor therefore shut Brandon and herself into a bathroom so she could try to calm him down and talk things out without cameras filming them, but Brandon could be heard yelling and swearing at his wife.

“Get off of me! Stop putting your hands on me! Get the f-ck off of me. Do not touch me,” Brandon yelled.

Pastor Cal addressed Taylor on Unfiltered and told her, “I understand what you were doing in trying to [calm him down].”

“I was trying to get some privacy in a world where we have none to help him,” Taylor said.

Despite Taylor’s attempts, Brandon got dressed, grabbed his bag and left the retreat — and he never came back.

Although it seemed like Taylor and Brandon’s relationship was over for good, Taylor revealed in Wednesday night’s episode she and Brandon attempted to work things out once they returned home off-camera.

Taylor, in fact, said she still had hope both she and her husband would say “yes” to staying married on “Decision Day,” but she wasn’t sure Brandon was going to show up for the final meeting with the experts.

Married at First Sight’s tenth season also stars Katie Conrad and Derek Sherman, Michael Watson and Meka Jones, and Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd.

The season’s other couple, Zach Justice and Mindy Shiben, ended their marriage nearly two weeks before “Decision Day.”

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