‘Married at First Sight’ expert Dr. Viviana Coles: Brandon’s honeymoon outburst set off alarm bells, and his apology was defensive and half-hearted

Married at First Sight expert Dr. Viviana Coles says Brandon Reid’s honeymoon behavior set off alarm bells and she wishes his apology to wife Taylor Dunklin had been more impressive and sincere.

During Wednesday night’s episode of Married at First Sight: Unfiltered, Dr. Viviana — who matched the five couples starring on Season 10 along with Pastor Calvin Roberson and Dr. Pepper Schwartz — sat down with Mindy Shiben and Derek Sherman to discuss what has recently aired on the show.

Dr. Viviana certainly didn’t keep her opinions to herself after watching Brandon “apologize” to Taylor’s family and friends at their first housewarming party for his outburst in Panama.

Brandon was shown half-heartedly saying sorry for having a temper, saying his focus was in the wrong place at the time because he was stressed.

“Alarm bells go off when you see what happened on the honeymoon, and I wish his apology had been a little bit better,” Dr. Viviana shared.

“Because it was, like, kind of defensive and, I mean, that would’ve been his chance of saying, ‘I understand all of your concerns. It was terrible. Please forgive me. I’m going to show you.’ But it’s not, it’s kind of like half [an apology], you know?”

“It is half,” Unfiltered host Jamie Otis noted.

On the last day of Brandon and Taylor’s honeymoon, Brandon had a meltdown while boarding a shuttle outside of their Panama hotel.

Brandon was fed up with cameras following him around and believed production was playing him, and when Taylor tried to calm her husband down, he yelled and cursed at her.

“F-ck you, Taylor. F-ck you!… I’m gonna calm down when I’m in Washington. F-ck y’all,” Brandon shouted.

Mindy admitted on Unfiltered she was “not okay with Brandon’s behavior on the honeymoon,” from what she saw.

Mindy was among the cast members on the shuttle when Brandon was flipping out.

“And so, I am a little skeptical of him right now,” Mindy said.

“But it seems like Taylor is really open to forgiving him and looking past that and continuing, so that’s awesome if she feels good and they both feel comfortable moving forward. Good for them.”

When asked for his opinion on the effects of Brandon’s little tired, Derek said, “So, I think the most important thing in order to really change any situation, especially if it looks bad, is just being open to other possibilities, other outcomes.”

“The fact Taylor is so open to actually like [start over with Brandon], ‘Let’s reset and it could change,’ I think, right now, they’re on track to changing things.”

“But I guess time will only really tell,” Derek added.

Taylor ultimately accepted Brandon’s apology and said she wanted to let things go and move forward in their relationship, but she proved that was easier said than done.

In the latest episode, Taylor was shown copping an attitude with Brandon, which in turn pushed Brandon away and made him put walls up. However, the couple wasn’t seeing eye-to-eye considering Taylor claimed she only had an attitude to begin with because Brandon was avoiding her and not spending time with her.

After a tension-filled dinner at home in which the pair argued over Taylor’s alleged negative energy and Brandon’s alleged passive approach to getting to know his wife, Taylor released an Instagram Stories video that infuriated Brandon.

Taylor let all of her followers know she’s a single woman and having problems “finding the right man.”

Taylor said in the video — which she uploaded during a night out with her girls — she wanted to find a man who’s “over 6’3″, has a job, never been to jail, or you know, isn’t gay.”

“I feel like I have the most minimal f-cking requirements to finding a man and not a soul meets them. So, I guess I’ll just be single forever,” Taylor said in a video.

Taylor also wrote on her posting she wants a guy who is “fine as hell” and “has their sanity in check.” She also added he “can be any race as long as the [eggplant emoji] right.”

Brandon found the post very troubling and called it “a disgusting video.” Brandon lost all reassurance he was married to someone who was committed to their relationship, and so he moved out of their shared apartment and ignored all of her text messages and calls.

Taylor claimed her video had nothing to do with Brandon and it wasn’t a big deal, but the damage had already been done. Brandon also said he discovered Taylor had allegedly attempted to appear on multiple reality shows before.

Brandon felt he had been “played” on TV and Taylor’s actions were “malicious,” so he said he was washing his hands of his relationship, especially since Taylor chose not to apologize.

Married at First Sight’s tenth season also stars Mindy’s husband Zach Justice and Derek’s wife Katie Conrad as well as Meka Jones, Michael Watson, Jessica Studer, and Austin Hurd.

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