‘Married at First Sight’ couples slam Taylor Dunklin for posting Instagram video after fight with Brandon Reid

Married at First Sight’s prior couples have slammed Taylor Dunklin for posting an Instagram Stories video in which she claimed to be a single woman and detailed what she wanted in a man after a fight with her husband Brandon Reid.

During the latest episode of Married at First Sight, Taylor told her Instagram followers in a video she wanted to find a man who’s “over 6’3″, has a job, never been to jail, or you know, isn’t gay.”

“I feel like I have the most minimal f-cking requirements to finding a man and not a soul meets them. So, I guess I’ll just be single forever,” Taylor said in a video.

Brandon found the posting very troubling and “disgusting,” and several former Married at First Sight couples seem to agree.

While watching the scene unfold on the February 26 broadcast of Married at First Sight: Couples Couch, which features commentary on encore broadcasts of Married at First Sight’s Season 10 episodes, Doug Hehner and Anthony D’Amico’s mouths dropped.

“What?!” both men said almost simultaneously.

The couples featured in the Couples Couch broadcast were Anthony and his wife Ashley Petta, Doug and his wife Jamie Otis, Elizabeth Bice and Jamie Thompson, and Kristine Killingsworth and Keith Dewar.

“When you’re a married woman?!” Otis pointed out to Taylor.

“While she’s married?!” Kristine asked.

“No!” Ashley yelled, before slamming Taylor’s search for a man who’s extremely tall.

“Okay, you can’t find a man who’s over 6’3″ because literally only 10 percent of the population is over 6’3″,” Ashley noted.

Otis said Taylor was “going on a rampage,” and then Ashley yelled, “Girl, doesn’t your mom follow you on Instagram?!”

Brandon said he lost all reassurance he was married to someone committed to their relationship.

“She should have talked to her friends about stuff, you know what I mean?” Kristine asked her husband.

“Vent to your friends,” she added. “Don’t go on social media and say this is what you’re looking for.”

Anthony acknowledged there was probably no hope for Brandon and Taylor to come back from this.

“Stick a fork in it! This is done,” Anthony noted.

“You just made yourself look real bad, girl,” Otis said. “Like, I really thought she was so mature and calm and level-headed, and that is like…”

Doug interjected by saying Taylor’s bad behavior took away from how she had acted in the past.

Brandon said on Married at First Sight’s episode, “At this moment, it feels like we can’t bounce back from this and our marriage is over.”

In addition to wanting a man of a certain height, Taylor also wrote on her video she wants a guy who is “fine as hell” and “has their sanity in check.” She added the guy “can be any race as long as the [eggplant emoji] right.”

Ashley admitted she “couldn’t get over” Taylor’s “requirements” for a life partner.

“They’re pretty, like — I know why you can’t find a man!” Ashley joked. “Because those are your requirements!”

“My eggplant’s great,” Anthony said in a funny voice.

The couples then watched footage of Meka Jones and Michael Watson watching Taylor’s video online and discussing it.

Jamie pointed out because of “girl code,” Meka was trying to see Taylor’s side of it, and Doug acknowledged, “I can appreciate that.”

Meka told Michael that in some way, Taylor wanted Brandon to feel the hurt that she felt when he had lashed out at her during their Panama honeymoon.

“Yeah, but it’s not right,” Doug said of Taylor’s Instagram posting.

“It’s not right, but it makes sense, right?” Otis suggested.

“No!” Doug replied.

Elizabeth then chimed in with her thoughts.

“She definitely shouldn’t have posted that sh-t,” Elizabeth said. “First of all, Rule No. 1 of marriage: You never expose your dirty laundry.

Doug explained Taylor definitely took things too far because Brandon already didn’t like her social-media presence and how much attention she got on her pages.

“Brandon has an issue with [Taylor] being on her phone and caring about her Instagram page and she just aired out a private conversation to her Instagram page,” Doug stated.

“She’s just proven Brandon right, that yes, she is obsessed with Instagram and being online I guess,” Otis said. “Bad. Move. Girlfriend.”

Brandon was “crushed” and devastated by the video, and he was subsequently shown moving out of his shared apartment with Taylor on Married at First Sight’s tenth season and leaving his keys on a table.

“That was f-cking mean,” Elizabeth said of Taylor. “I’m just going to say, [that] was f-cking mean.”

“Yeah,” Thompson agreed.

Brandon wasn’t sure Taylor had signed up for Married at First Sight for the right reasons to begin with.

“She’s orchestrating some drama for just no reason… She’s also talked to me about other reality shows she was going to be on and she couldn’t do it because she was traveling at the time,” Brandon shared in the latest MAFS episode.

“I believe one was, like, Temptation Island or some other show, and she was available for this show… Are you in this for love or are you really just in this for yourself, to get more followers?”

Brandon said she didn’t trust his wife at all and it was “very unfortunate.” He felt he had been “played” on TV by his wife and Taylor’s actions were “malicious.”

Married at First Sight’s tenth season, which currently airs on Wednesday nights at 8PM ET/PT on Lifetime, also stars Katie Conrad and Derek Sherman, Mindy Shiben and Zach Justice, and Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd.

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