‘Married at First Sight’ couples mock and slam Michael’s replies to Meka about his job — He’s full of it!

Married at First Sight’s prior couples have mocked and slammed Michael Watson’s responses to Meka Jones’ questions about the principal job offer he allegedly turned down, saying he’s “full of sh-t.”

On Married at First Sight’s tenth season, Michael revealed to Meka he had passed on a job offer to become principal of a Catholic high school, but he never discussed the decision with his wife first.

Michael attempted to explain he didn’t like the “requirements” and “stipulations” the principal job would demand of him and the terms of his contract had suddenly changed at the last minute, but Meka was skeptical of Michael’s explanation for turning down what appeared to be a high-paying dream job for her husband.

“I still have a question mark about Michael,” Married at First Sight alum Elizabeth Bice admitted on the February 26 broadcast of Married at First Sight: Couples Couch, which features former MAFS couples giving commentary on encore broadcasts of Married at First Sight’s tenth edition.

In addition to Elizabeth, the Couples Couch broadcast also featured her husband Jamie Thompson, Ashley Petta and Anthony D’Amico, Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner, and Kristine Killingsworth and Keith Dewar.

The couples watched Meka say he didn’t trust her husband, and Keith acknowledged, “Yeah, I believe that. I can dig that.”

“Yeah,” Kristine agreed.

“I don’t think you can tell someone, ‘I’m making double the money,’ and then all of a sudden be like, ‘Syke! Just kidding!'” Anthony said.

After watching Meka ask Michael for clarity on his job situation when they were supposed to be discussing their love languages, Jamie and Doug burst into laughter.

“Let’s not talk about love and relationships — let’s just get to the basics. ‘Do you have a job? Was that a real job offer? Are you going to be a principal or what’s going on here?'” Jamie joked.

Meka pointed out she was “still a little unclear” on what happened to the principal offer Michael had allegedly signed but then turned down, and Doug agreed on Couples Couch, “I think we all are!”

“We are all unclear, Meka. Please, let us all understand what is going on Michael with your job,” Jamie begged.

Michael said nothing in reply to Meka, and Anthony commented, “What is happening? Why aren’t they talking?”

“Hello?!” Ashley said.

“Anybody home?” Anthony joked.

Michael then explained to his wife in the episode he didn’t feel “100 percent comfortable” with her yet.

“Oh, so Michael’s turning it back on Meka!” Jamie observed with a laugh. “Michael is going to put it back on Meka [by saying] he doesn’t feel comfortable.”

“To tell her about your job?” Doug asked in confusion.

Jamie was cracking up and said, “I’m sorry, I just can’t!”

Since Michael didn’t feel totally comfortable with Meka, he said there were things he’d like to keep to himself.

“‘I’d like to keep this part to myself,'” Jamie mocked Michael, laughing the whole time.

“What does comfortability with Meka have to do with the job?” Anthony questioned.

Anthony’s wife threw her hand up in the air, expressing that she had no idea.

Meka thought Michael was taking the “easy way out” and complained in the episode she couldn’t express herself without Michael turning the tables and revealing how he was feeling about her. Meka felt her issues were never addressed or resolved as a result.

“He shuts down every time she asks him a serious question,” Kristine pointed out.

Doug then mocked Michael by repeating, “‘I don’t feel 100 percent comfortable.'”

“She’s just asking about your job!” Jamie shouted.

“‘I don’t feel comfortable opening up to you. I don’t trust you yet,'” Jamie laughed, clearly poking fun at Michael again.

“How dare you ask my profession!” Doug joked.

“So funny,” noted Jamie, who was nearly crying from laughter.

Meka told Michael they had a big problem if his reaction was to lie whenever he’s in an uncomfortable situation. She wasn’t sure how their marriage — or any marriage, really — could work under those circumstances.

“Yeah! She has such a good point,” Elizabeth insisted.

Michael argued Meka’s allegations he lied all the time were “ridiculous,” but Elizabeth yelled out, “You are [a liar]!”

Elizabeth joked she needed to work on not yelling at her television.

“You are lying,” Elizabeth said more calmly. “You are full of sh-t! I’m just going to call it.”

Michael complained how Meka always thought he was lying and tried to set him up for an “I got you” moment, but Kristine acknowledged, “Everything is a lie because you don’t explain yourself.”

“Everybody gets set up,” Keith noted.

“But she didn’t set him up in front of her family or anything,” Kristine explained. “These are things she just wants to know for herself to feel secure in the marriage.”

Kristine elaborated, “So if she feels like you are lying, it’s because you won’t be upfront about what you’re really thinking or about what you really said or about what’s really going on. So I understand that, 100 percent.”

Elizabeth then repeated, “That dude is full of sh-t!”

Doug joked that Meka should have asked for Michael’s work ID or parking pass to prove he’s actually employed.

“Any of these would be sufficient,” Doug joked.

Meka feared her relationship was based on a lie and she could potentially fall in love with a man who was never real with her.

“The whole thing was a lie?! That’s how she feels? This sh-t is awful,” Anthony admitted.

Married at First Sight’s tenth season currently airs on Wednesday nights at 8PM ET/PT on Lifetime.

In addition to Meka and Michael, the show also stars Taylor Dunklin and Brandon Reid, Katie Conrad and Derek Sherman, Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd, and Mindy Shiben and Zach Justice.

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