‘Life After Lockup’: Josh Hyatt Gets Busy with New Woman in Shower – Cheryl Has New Man

Life After Lockup‘s Josh Hyatt got busy with a new lady in the shower – and Cheryl Childers has a new man. The end of their relationship plays out on the current season of the WEtv spinoff. But, in real-time it looks like they’ve both found other people. What’s the latest on the former lovers?

Life After Lockup: Josh Hyatt with New Woman

Even though Josh Hyatt and Cheryl Childers are technically still an item on the current Life After Lockup, viewers keeping up with their current situations know the pair broke up. There’s been a lot of back and forth online over the last few months between them. But, it looks like Josh Hyatt has a new woman in his life.

Pics online show Josh Hyatt cozying up to his lady friend. There are even snaps of them in the bathroom together with a naked Josh behind the shower curtain. Based on this latest update, many Life After Lockup followers agree he has a “type” when it comes to the women he finds attractive. And, many see similarities between his latest love interest and his ex.

Interestingly, the woman is still “single” online. And, Life After Lockup fans close to Josh Hyatt say he is single as well. His new woman said Josh is hers. But, that may not be the case. They could just be having fun. Meanwhile, it’s also possible they haven’t updated their relationship statuses yet. Josh’s new love took down her post online. But, you can see the images below:

LALU: Cheryl Childers Married?

Just like ex Josh Hyatt, it looks like Cheryl Childers moved on with someone new. She posted pics with her new beau online. And, the pair comment back and forth. But, there are some questions surrounding their relationship status. And, many Life After Lockup fans want answers.

Some congratulated Cheryl Childers on tying the knot. And, she even liked some of those comments. But, her relationship status lists her as in a relationship with her new man. It doesn’t say anything about marriage. So, the marriage chatter could be a way to throw shade at Josh Hyatt and keep viewers talking.

What Happens Next for the Life After Lockup Exes?

The Cheryl Childers and Josh Hyatt split played out before the current season of Life After Lockup. And, since that time, many viewers wondered what’s next for the troubled pair. Josh Hyatt and ex Cheryl Childers have a history of calling it quits and getting back together. They did that on the current season of the spinoff.

Meanwhile, Cheryl Childers never got along with Josh’s mother, Tina. So, it will be interesting to see if his mother approves of his new lady.

As for Cheryl Childers, it’ll be worth watching to see what happens now that she moved on with someone new as well. She poured a lot of time and money into her relationship with Josh. And, whether or not she learned anything from that relationship will be interesting to see as things progress with the new man in her life.

Many Life After Lockup watchers agree Cheryl’s relationship with Josh had toxic elements – especially toward the end. And, whether or not they bring any of those bad habits into their new relationships remains to be seen. And, there could be more shade in the coming days.

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