‘Life After Lockup’: Clint Brady Flushes Meth Stash Down the Toilet

Life After Lockup‘s Clint Brady is fed up with Tracie Wagaman and flushes her meth down the toilet. There is a lot of drama for the troubled married couple on this season of the WEtv spinoff. And, things come to a head when Clint decides to flush her drugs. What’s the latest?

Life After Lockup: Clint Brady Flushes Tracie’s Drugs

Life After Lockup featured a tense conversation between Clint Brady and goddess Tracie Wagaman over the phone. She asks him to get the “dope”. And, it turns out she has a stash hidden in the home they share. Even though they both struggle with drugs and addiction, he wants no part of what she asks him to do.

A frustrated Clint Brady hangs up the phone and finds Tracie Wagaman’s drugs. But, rather than give them to her, he flushes them down the toilet instead. It’s a high-drama scene on Life After Lockup. And, things will likely escalate on the next installment of the WEtv show.

Meanwhile, some Life After Lockup watchers feel production staged the flushing scene with Clint Brady. Clint struggles with drugs and addiction, too. And, many viewers don’t believe he actually flushed the stash. Some even suggest he wanted to look like the good guy on television to save face with his parents.

LALU: Tracie Wagaman Back to Old Habits?

Clint Brady bonded Tracie out of jail on Life After Lockup. And, it wasn’t cheap. In addition, it’s clear Tracie is back to old habits when it comes to her drug use. Clint Brady’s biggest fear is Tracie Wagaman choosing drugs over him. And, that certainly seems to be the case.

Tracie Wagaman ditched Clint Brady on Life After Lockup. And, along with the $5000 he paid to bond her out, he fears losing her to drugs again. He tries to convince her to go to rehab. But, she refuses to listen to her husband and get clean.

This latest disappearing act from Tracie brings back memories for Clint of when she ditched him at the hotel on their wedding night. And, it looks like Trace did the exact same thing this time around. Clint wants his wife to go to rehab. But, she doesn’t want to be forced to go.

Life After Lockup Update: Clint Brady’s Wife Arrested Again

Life After Lockup followers keeping up in real-time know that things went downhill recently for Clint Brady and wife Tracie Wagaman. She did eventually go to rehab and was missing in action for a few weeks. But, it turns out Clint found another woman while his goddess was away.

Tracie Wagaman and husband Clint dealt with split rumors for months. They seem to call it quits and get back together regularly. But, it looks like this latest round is the final straw for the pair. Police picked her up for driving while intoxicated in Midland, Texas on February 28. She is currently out of custody.

Clint’s parents asked him from the beginning when he would wake up and kick Tracie Wagaman to the curb. And, this may finally be it for the estranged WEtv pair. In the meantime, new details on Tracie’s latest arrest will likely surface in the coming days.

Catch an all-new episode of Life After Lockup on Friday nights.

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