‘Jersey Shore’: Did Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley Cheat on Tom With Roger Mathews During Season 1?

Jersey Shore fans will recall Jenni “JWoww” Farley and DJ Pauly D hooking up early on in season 1. Technically, Farley was caught cheating on her boyfriend at the time. Farley allegedly knew her future husband, Roger Mathews during season 1, but that footage was never released. Did Farley hook up with Roger Mathews before ending things with Tom Lippolis?

Jenni went into ‘Jersey Shore’ with a boyfriend

When Jersey Shore began, Farley was one of the only people to enter the house in a relationship — aside from Angelina Pivarnick. At the time, Farley was dating Tom Lippolis, who was both her boyfriend and her business manager. Lippolis made a few appearances on the MTV series before he and Farley ended their relationship.

‘JWoww’ cheated on Tom with Pauly D
Regardless of her relationship with Lippolis, Farley quickly made it known she had an interest in DelVecchio. “JWoww has a boyfriend, but she’s the type of girl that doesn’t care,” DelVecchio said to cameras. “She wants to have fun and have a boyfriend; I’ll be that guy, I don’t care.” The two hooked up on a few occasions in Seaside Heights night clubs, with MTV cameras there to capture everything.

After Farley let Lippolis know what happened, the two broke up on camera. When Lippolis left Farley’s dogs unattended, she and her new best friend Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi rescued them. Farley presumably enjoyed the rest of her summer single in Seaside Heights.

Jenni and Tom were in a toxic relationship

Some viewers were disappointed with Farley’s actions, but they become more understandable when you know the kind of relationship Farley was in. “He had control over my life,” Farley said on an episode of Jersey Shore After Hours (via Life and Style Magazine). “I felt like I created that monster. His insecurities got the best of him. In Long Island, he cut all my friends away from me, my family. I couldn’t even go out with my girlfriends to have a drink. He had to be there.” The physical and emotional abuse Farley suffered likely had a lot of influence on her actions prior to her and Lippolis’ breakup.


Cameras captured a lot during season 1 of Jersey Shore, but everything that was filmed didn’t necessarily air on television. For example, Farley allegedly knew her future husband during the first season of the reality series. “Roger was around since the first season,” a former field and story producer shared on Reddit. “Jenni actually met him during season 1, but I don’t think it was on the show.” The timing of when Farley met Mathews is unclear. Was it before her breakup with Lippolis, or soon after? Whether or not the two had any kind of physical relationship is also unknown.

The former producer also revealed that Farley hooked up with Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino while filming Jersey Shore. “She hooked up with Mike (they made out) very early on,” they wrote. Again, whether this was within the time frame Farley was dating Lippolis is unknown. According to this producer, “a lot of things that happened to Jenni did not make the air or they were edited with another narrative.”

In the case of Jersey Shore Season 1, Farley’s storyline was to be with DelVecchio. And that storyline is still true! This season on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, DelVecchio and Farley reignited their spark during Pivarnick’s bachelorette trip to New Orleans. Sadly for fans of “PWoww,” nothing has developed in terms of a relationship between the two.

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