Diet Coke Promises Fans You WILL Get Your Drinks — Plan In Place To Combat Coronavirus!

The Coca-Cola has great news! It turns out the supply of Diet Coke in the United States will most likely NOT be affected by the Coronavirus…giving a huge sigh of relief to most of us daily drinkers!

According to the company, it has initiated a plan to source it’s ingredients from other places and has assured, at this point, they do not believe there will be any issues with being able to buy your normal fix of Diet Coke.

The internet went into a frenzy this week after the company issued its annual report which seemed to indicate that it would have trouble getting some artificial sweeteners from China after the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

Diet Coke Backup Plan Set In Motion…You Will Get Your Fix!

But, the great news, the company tells us, “We have initiated contingency supply plans for ingredients sourced from China, and we do not expect any impact on our customers or consumers at this time.”

So we are going to get our Diet Cokes!! Yes!!

As we reported, Coca-Cola had many consumers worried after it released its annual report saying the Coronavirus has disrupted any important part of the supply chain for it’s products.

In the report, they admit that the “production and exports have been delayed for sugar alternatives” that are used in zero-sugar drinks.

“We have initiated contingency supply plans and do not foresee a short-term impact due to these delays,” the report read. It continued, “However, we may see tighter supplies of some of these ingredients in the longer term should production or export operations in China deteriorate.”

Coronavirus Has Now Killed 2,770 In 41 Countries

As of this week, the coronavirus has infected more than 81,900 people in 41 countries and has killed 2,770. The vast majority of deaths have been in China and has lead to closures of restaurants and stores countrywide.

On Wednesday, the first reported case of Coronavirus was confirmed in the United States from someone who had not traveled outside the country. The CDC has warned the U.S. spread is not a matter of is its a matter of when…

At least, for now, we can take some comfort in the fact we will have our Diet Cokes!

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