Did Kirk Douglas ‘Cut’ Son Michael Douglas Out Of His Will?

Michael Douglas was not cut out of Kirk Douglas’ will. A very misleading tabloid report gets the facts wrong. Gossip Cop can explain.

When Kirk Douglas died earlier this month at the astonishing age of 103, he left his entire fortune — somewhere in the neighborhood of $60 million, apparently — to charity. The National Enquirer gets that part correct in its story, though the outlet claims it was $80 million. We’ll give the magazine the benefit of the doubt on that one, as celebrity net worth is usually a guess by even the most reliable news outlets. Where the tabloid goes wrong is how it describes what was left for Kirk’s son Michael or the rest of the family.

“His family won’t receive a cent because he cut them out of his will!” the tabloid proclaims in the first paragraph of the story. In a sub-headline, the magazine says, “Sons get nothing.” While all that appears to be technically true, the publication is clearly trying to sensationalize the facts. It purposely makes it sound like Kirk’s actions were punitive or because there was some sort of falling out with Kirk and his sons.

The truth is, Michael Douglas is very rich, worth somewhere north of $200 million dollars. Instead of adding to the already vast amount of wealth of his well-off family, Kirk gave his entire fortune to charity, which is to be admired. The tabloid is simply using Kirk Douglas’ death as an opportunity to drag his family through the mud.

The Enquirer wasn’t the only paper to do that last week either. The tabloid’s sister publication Star took the opportunity to claim that Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones were trying to save their marriage after Kirk’s death. The distasteful article was debunked by Gossip Cop after checking with a spokesperson for Michael who told us, “Catherine could not have been more supportive of Kirk, Michael and [Kirk’s wife] Anne all throughout the process. They are very much a solid married couple.”

None of the tabloids can be trusted when it comes to news on Michael Douglas. Gossip Cop has busted stories from the Globe as well, another sister publication of the National Enquirer and Star. The tabloid ran not one but two false reports last year that claimed Michael was dying of cancer. Last March, it argued that the actor only had months to live. Months later, with Michael still very much alive, it claimed that Michael was “wasting away” from a cancer relapse. Neither story was true, and none of these tabloids should be taken seriously.

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