Bachelor spoilers: Did Peter Weber pick Madison Prewett or Hannah Ann Sluss as his ‘The Bachelor’ winner? Did Madison quit? Did Peter end up engaged? (SPOILERS)

Bachelor spoilers revealing new spoilers that finally unveil how Peter Weber’s 2020 season of The Bachelor ends and if Peter got engaged to Madison Prewett or Hannah Ann Sluss have leaked out.

[Bachelor Spoilers Warning: This report contains spoilers about the finale of Peter Weber’s 2020 season of The Bachelor, including if Madison Prewett quits, and will spoil the season for you.]

Reality TV World has gathered all the known spoilers about The Bachelor’s 2020 season from Reality Steve blogger Steve Carbone’s spoiling disclosures between September 2019 through March 5, 2020.

The Bachelor spoiler sleuth has reported details over the last six months in his blog and podcast as well as hundreds of social-media postings on Twitter and Instagram.

This includes new spoilers information Carbone reported on his blog on March 3 and 5.

In addition, we have also incorporated the spoiler information ABC has released about the two-night finale event of Peter’s The Bachelor season on Monday, March 9 and Tuesday, March 10 in its own press materials.

On the latest episode of The Bachelor, which happened to be The Women Tell All special, Madison arrived at the Final 3 Rose Ceremony in Gold Coast, Australia late, leaving Peter distraught and Hannah Ann and Victoria Fuller wondering if she wasn’t going to show up.

However, Peter appeared utterly relieved once Madison made an appearance. Peter then handed out a rose to Hannah Ann, followed by Madison, who hesitated and reluctantly accepted the Bachelor’s rose to continue the process.

Peter therefore eliminated Victoria F. in third place, and she departed Australia with a broken heart but no animosity towards Peter.

After Victoria left the premise, Madison toasted her glass of champagne with Peter and Hannah Ann to seeing if love could conquer all.

Madison is trying to discover if her love for Peter can conquer the hurt she endured after he admitted to being “intimate” with one or two other women in Fantasy Suites.

Will Madison follow her heart and end up with Peter, or did she quit the journey due to her high standards, morals and values?

And did Peter end The Bachelor with a girlfriend or a fiancee — or is he alone?

Rather than wait to watch the highly-anticipated The Bachelor finale air on ABC, keep reading for spoilers on the outcome of Peter’s edition.

Madison and Hannah Ann meet Peter’s family

Madison’s discovery that Peter had sex during his overnight dates reportedly derailed the rest of The Bachelor season, even though she accepted his rose following Fantasy Suites in Gold Coast, Australia.

Monday’s episode will see the season “spiral out of control,” according to a new ABC press release.

Hannah Ann and Madison will each be shown meeting Peter’s family, and Peter was hoping his parents and brother could give him some clarity on whom to choose given Peter was admittedly in love with both women.

“But when Peter introduces the women to his family, their encounters set off an inescapable chain of emotional events that escalate beyond anything Peter could have imagined,” ABC has teased.

“Peter’s family clearly states its preference, culminating in a passionate plea” from Peter’s mother, Barbara Weber.

Peter then embarked on his last two dates of The Bachelor season, one with Hannah Ann and one with Madison.

While Peter was probably hoping his heart would pull him in one direction, ABC revealed he left the dates feeling even more confused.

Spoilers for Peter’s final Rose Ceremony
The Bachelor season’s final Rose Ceremony was filmed in Alice Springs on November 17, according to Carbone.

Alice Springs is a small town located in Australia’s Northern Territory that is considered the capital of the Australian Outback and is about 1,600 miles from the Gold Coast.

In his early spoiler reports, Carbone reported Peter’s The Bachelor season didn’t have “a normal ending,” meaning the Final Rose Ceremony didn’t feature Peter rejecting one woman and proposing marriage to the other.

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