Ashley Graham Slammed For Changing Her Baby’s Diaper On The Floor At Staples Store

In An Instagram Photo, The Supermodel Is Seen Crouching Down On The Floor In What Appears To Be A Stationary Aisle As She Wipes Her Son Isaac Menelik Giovanni’s Behind.

Ashley Graham is no stranger to online shaming, but this time it’s not because of her body. The model has landed in hot water for sharing a photo of her changing the diaper of her newborn son, Isaac Menelik Giovanni, on the floor at a Staples store.

In the Friday, February 28 post, Ashley was seen crouching down on the floor in the middle of what appeared to be a stationary aisle as she wiped her son’s behind. She also made sure to lay a padded blanket beneath Isaac so that the little bundle of joy’s back did not directly touch the floor. “S**t just got real!” she captioned the photo. “First diaper errands with no restroom in sight! Thank God I remember to put the changing mat in the diaper bag!!!”

Some people applauded the former “America’s Next Top Model” judge’s decision, while some others roasted her for doing that. “Lol super force. I’m sure the car would have been easier and more sanitary. People walk with their dirty shoes everywhere,” one pointed out. “No restroom in sight? Why wouldn’t the employees let you use their restroom? I’m sure it wouldn’t absolutely kill them to help a mother having a rough moment,” someone else noted.

A third individual simply called it “disgusting,” while one other said, “Wow I’m so surprised how many people are supporting this disgusting behavior. We’re in 2020 I think that there’s bathrooms everywhere.” Another commented, “You could have gone to your f***ing car. This s**t isn’t cute. Don’t let these people gas you up.”

“You couldn’t make it to the bathroom ? This is so wrong in so many ways the smell, the fact that you could spill ,sounds like you didn’t want to walk to the bathroom . Sorry this is just ridiculous,” one other wrote. “Not only is it rude and inconsiderate to others around you, but that’s beyond unsanitary. Feces Carrie’s bacteria, no matter how ‘careful’ or ‘on the matt’ you are. You should have taken the baby to your car and taken care of it there. I get it, accidents happen, but it’s also common courtesy. Come on, don’t push it,” someone schooled Ashley.

Ashley has yet to respond to the backlash.

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