Amanda Bynes Sparks Mental Health Concerns After Drake Post On Instagram

Amanda Bynes has many worried about her current state of mind after posting a picture of Drake on Instagram, which was reminiscent of the last time she starting talking about the rapper, where she ended up hospitalized under a psychiatric hold.

The actress posted a picture on social media today of Drake, with the caption, “Fav songs out now, DRAKE — Money in the grave, Yes Indeed”

And she followed that up with, “RODDY RICCH — Ballin, High Fashion.”

Now, it seems she has great taste in music, but the choices are not what raised a red flag for many who follow Amanda Bynes on social media.

The issue is that the last time she started posting about Drake, is when Amanda was in one of the worst conditions with her mental health and pressed out that notorious tweet, “I want @drake to murder my vagina.”

At the time, many were obviously shocked by the tweet, and it wasn’t’ long after that moment, Amanda was hospitalized on several occasions for her mental condition.

After being treated, several years later, even Amanda admitted “I was on drugs” when posted the tweet. In an interview with Hollyscoop, “I actually wasn’t being insincere. I was like saying, ‘Murder my vagina.’ I was serious, but I was also on drugs.”

She added it was her way of saying, “Let’s do it” before saying, “He’s hot! … It just means, like, ‘F*** me, Drake!”

Amanda’s timeline is filled with tweets about Drake for the years prior, where she started calling “ugly” and then the “man of her dreams” and “gorgeous.” The point is that it seems Amanda attaches to Drake as a subject anytime she is having issues. Fans of the actress agree and have started posting comments on Instagram, including, “Oh no not this again,” and “After all that I would never mention Drake again!”

As we reported, Amanda is headed to court with her parents after saying she wants to stop paying for the treatment center where she is currently living. Also, she is newly engaged, and she cannot get married unless a judge signs off on the contract.

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