ABC confirms new ‘The Bachelor Summer Games’ spinoff will air this summer

ABC has confirmed it will air The Bachelor Summer Games, a new The Bachelor franchise spinoff that will be similar to 2018’s The Bachelor Winter Games, this summer.

ABC reality chief Robert Mills confirmed the network’s The Bachelor Summer Games plans during an appearance on Monday’s episode of Bachelor Party podcast, Entertainment Tonight reported.

Mills said The Bachelor Summer Games will overlap with The Bachelorette’s upcoming sixteenth season and air before Bachelor in Paradise returns with its seventh edition, ET reported.

“What’s nice about Summer Games is when we did Winter Games, Bachelor was still airing, so it was a lot to… this is just Summer Games, and then Paradise will start,” Mills reportedly said.

The new spinoff will air as counter-programming to NBC’s broadcasts of the 2020 Summer Olympics, similar to how The Bachelor Winter Games aired while the 2018 Winter Olympics were taking place.

Bachelor in Paradise typically is filmed in Mexico in June and premieres in August following The Bachelorette finale.

The 2020 Summer Olympics will take place in Tokyo beginning on July 24 and conclude on August 9, suggesting The Bachelor Summer Games will air on ABC during the weeks of July 27 and August 3.

Mills did not reveal where The Bachelor Summer Games will be filmed.

“I think it’s going to be really fun. We found a really great place to hold it… But I mean, it’s going to be so fun seeing these people in these great [sports]. I mean, track and field, swimming… this is a real Olympics,” Mills said, according to ET.

Reports that ABC was planning The Bachelor Summer Games had originally surfaced last month.

“I’m hearing ‘Bachelor’ production is asking around for contestants to be on ‘Summer Games.’ Hearing it would film in May and, I assume, air like ‘Winter Games’ did. It will NOT replace [Bachelor in Paradise]. Both would still air this summer,” Reality Steve spoiler blogger Steve Carbone tweeted on January 23.

Mills said he would love to see The Bachelorette couple JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers participate in The Bachelor Summer Games as well as former The Bachelor star Colton Underwood.

Jordan and Colton are both former professional football players, and speaking of JoJo, her The Bachelorette runner-up Robby Hayes could also make a great addition to the show given he’s a former competitive swimmer who competed in the Olympic trials in 2012.

The Bachelor Summer Games will mirror the premise of The Bachelor Winter Games, which was a winter sports-themed reality competition series that premiered in February 2018 and aired four episodes over the course of two weeks.

The Bachelor Winter Games, described by ABC as “an ode to the Winter Olympic Games,” aired simultaneously with The Bachelor’s 22nd season starring Arie Luyendyk Jr. as counterprogramming against NBC’s coverage of the 2018 Winter Olympics.

The Winter Games spinoff was filmed in December 2017 at a private ski resort in Vermont and featured former American and international The Bachelor franchise participants competing in various winter sports challenges and looked for love along the way.

The Bachelor Summer Games is the second new Bachelor spinoff ABC has announced so far this year.

As previously announced in January, The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart, a spinoff mixing music and romance, is set to premiere on Monday, April 13 at 8PM ET/PT on ABC.

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