’90 Day Fiance’ star Alexei Brovarnik saves unconscious drowning man in the Bahamas

90 Day Fiance star Alexei Brovarnik has quickly gone from American citizen to an American hero.

According to a video Loren Goldstone posted on Instagram earlier this week, Alexei — who officially became a U.S. citizen in January after moving from Israel — saved a man who was drowning in the water during the couple’s vacation in Nassau, Bahamas, this past weekend.

The video shows Alexei leaping into action and pulling a limp person out of the ocean, as a cameraman cheered him on and thanked him.

“SENSITIVE MATERIAL! MAY BE HARD TO WATCH!…READ WHOLE CAPTION… My husband was watching a guy who was beyond intoxicated, who was with his ‘friends’ who just stood there and watched!” Loren captioned the startling video.

“The man went into the water and about drowned! As you can see, Alex is dragging out his unconscious body while his ‘friends’ did nothing! We are meant to be in a place in time for a reason!”

Alexei apparently pulled the lifeless young man back to shore, where a crowd gathered around as the 90 Day Fiance star tended to him.

“Alex and his friend Sean were meant to be at this beach, at this exact time because if not, who knows what could have happened! My husband saved a mans life today! And I couldn’t be more proud, yet not surprised at the same time!” Loren continued in her Instagram post.

“Meanwhile you can see this guys ‘friends’ standing there and then walking away! NOT ONE OF THEM went in the ambulance with him either!”

She added, “It goes to show you may think your friends are your friends, but God forbid something bad happens, would [they] help you or just stand there and watch you fall?! Always trust your instinct! Please share this for awareness and KNOW YOUR LIMITS!”

Based on the comments that poured in about the video, the person who nearly drowned was taken to the hospital after the incident and survived.

Loren and Alexei appeared on Season 3 of 90 Day Fiance, followed by the first two seasons of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?.

The couple just celebrated Alexei’s American citizenship in January after Loren said they had spent years filling out applications, waiting, working hard and having patience.

Loren and Alexei, who currently reside in Florida together, are expecting their first child.

The TLC couple, who have been married for over four years now, announced Loren’s pregnancy in late October 2019. Two months later, Loren and Alexei shared they have a baby boy on the way who is due in May 2020.

Loren and Alexei met on her birthright trip to Israel. She was the staff leader and Alexei was the medic, and she found him “incredibly handsome.”

The pair kept in touch once Loren returned to the United States, and then she visited him five times in one year — which resulted in an engagement.

Once Alexei got approved for the K-1 visa and traveled to America, the couple got married during his 90-day visit in September 2015. They also subsequently had a second ceremony in Israel in July 2016 so both of their families could celebrate.

Loren and Alexei appeared on 90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk when the franchise’s seventh season was airing on TLC.

The fourth season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days just premiered on the network late last month.

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