’90 Day Fiance’: Paul Staehle Mom Edna in Hospital – Baby Pierre Makes Her Smile

90 Day Fiance mom Edna Staehle is in hospital – and grandson Pierre Staehle (Paul Staehle and Karine Martin‘s baby) does his best to make her smile. Pierre Staehle helped bring the family together in recent months. And, now they’re rallying around mama Edna. What’s the latest on her status?

90 Day Fiance: Paul Staehle’s Mother Edna Staehle In Hospital

90 Day Fiance celeb Paul Staehle shared a video of his mother Edna in hospital. In the short clip, you can see Edna Staehle’s hand with an IV in it. The family has not shared why she is in the hospital. But, more details should be released in the coming days.

Edna Staehle is a cancer survivor, but she still goes in for treatments. Despite being in the hospital, she seems to be in good spirits.

But, even though Edna is in hospital, that’s not what many 90 Day Fiance watchers talk about. The real attention-grabber in the video is little Pierre Staehle.

Pierre Staehle keeps Edna Staehle’s spirits up as she plays with her grandson. Edna tickles Pierre Staehle and asks the boy if that’s his “tickle spot”. It’s a touching moment between grandmother and grandson.

Pierre Staehle Brings Family Closer

Paul Staehle’s parents didn’t support the 90 Day Fiance process with his then fiance Karine Martins. But, it seems they’ve softened their stance considerably since those early days. And, a shot of Pierre Staehle bonding with his grandfather a few months back touched many fans. Edna Staehle seems to be the glue keeping the family together. And now, Paul’s son does the same.

Paul Staehle and family celebrated the most recent Christmas season in America. And, since that time, Paul’s father Ted Staehle bonded with his grandson. And, based on the recent hospital clip, it seems baby Pierre cheers up his grandma, too.

Paul and Karine’s Son Enters Baby Competition

90 Day Fiance followers agree that Karine Martins and Paul Staehle have a very cute and adorable baby. And now, Pierre is in the Cutest Baby Competition for February 2020. Many TLC fans are helping Pierre win by voting. It would be a nice surprise for his hospitalized grandmother Edna if Pierre won.

But, whether or not he wins, it’s clear he’s the cutest in Edna Staehle’s eyes – along with a number of 90 Day Fiance followers. Paul’s mother called her grandson a “Prince of 2 countries” in response to fans online commenting on how cute he is.

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