’90 Day Fiance’ couple Sasha Larin and Emily Larina announce Sasha has work permit and started new job

90 Day Fiance couple Sasha Larin and Emily Larina have announced Sasha has obtained a work permit and started a job in the United States.

Sasha, a fitness fanatic and personal trainer, is finally working in America now, and he’s apparently excited to start making money for his family and set career and financial goals for himself.

“Today was a nice weather and my first day of working. It was kind of unusual feeling because I haven’t been working for around 8 months,” Sasha captioned two photos of himself Monday on Instagram.

“However I’m feeling a lot better after I got a work permit and a job. And now it’s time to do what I can do best! #personaltraining #personaltrainer #workoutmotivation #fitnesslifestyle #niceweather #spring #walking #oregon #northwest.”

Emily is also athrilled her husband will now have a regular routine and she won’t have to be the family’s only source of income.

“A day that we have been waiting for has finally arrived. Sasha is now authorized to work in the USA,” Emily shared on Instagram earlier this week.

However, now Emily and Sasha are looking for a great daycare facility for their son David, who was born in a Russian hospital in November 2018.

“I have to start thinking about daycare for this little guy, and that stresses me out! Random fact: We toured a daycare facility in a deleted scene for the show. I have a feeling the expectation was for Sasha to be disinterested. However, he was really interested and asked a ton of questions,” Emily continued in her post, which captioned a cute photo of David.

“[Sasha] got mixed up when asking about weekend and drop-in care. He thought Americans could drop off their kid in daycare for the weekend and they could stay overnight. We laughed about this for a solid 5 minutes.”

“It was really cute and funny,” she added. “I wish it was included. #babiesofinstagram #90dayfiance #momlife.”

The seventh season of 90 Day Fiance featured Emily, a 29-year-old from Portland, OR, marrying Sasha, a 32-year-old from Moscow, Russia, in a romantic and intimate beachside wedding in Portland.

Emily’s Facebook page indicates she and Sasha started dating in Russia in June 2016, given the first photo of them looking like a couple on social media was posted on September 2016.

Emily held down a job in Russia after finishing college, and Sasha got her pregnant after the pair dated for about two years. The pair later got engaged on February 27, 2017, according to what she shared on Facebook.

About six months after Emily gave birth to David, 90 Day Fiance showed her family moving to the United States after Sasha’s K-1 visa was approved.

Emily was subsequently shown trying to secure a job and a place for her family to live while Sasha settled into life in a new country. Emily’s sister Betsy, however, remained skeptical of Sasha’s intentions and character.

“I think we’ll see Sasha’s true behavior once he actually gets the Green Card,” Betsy said on the 90 Day Fiance Season 7 Tell-All special.

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