81 Year-Old Man Goes Viral On TikTok

So many people have the popular TikTok app on their phones today. Whether they use it on the regular to update people on their lives, or they use it to make people laugh, its a rather alluring app. But let’s face it, most of those who use it are teenagers or millennials. So when you hear about an 81-year-old man using TikTok, you wonder, what could he possibly be doing on there? Singing? Playing the piano? Bongo drums, or something else? Let’s introduce you to Stephen Austin.

Old Man Steve is basically the internet’s new grandpa, and he absolutely loves it. He uses the mobile app TikTok to show off simple recipes, such as making a sandwich or pouring cereal into a bowl. Fans are eating it all up. The Fort Worth, Texas native has approximately 576,000 followers on the platform who look forward to his recipes every day. His most popular video by far, of making frozen biscuits has over 8.5 million views. Definitely a “rising” star!

Austin is a retired box office worker. Everything began for ‘Old Man Steve’ around 12 years ago when he began uploading videos to his YouTube channel. He would do various dances, sketching, acting, and even giving advice out to other elderly folks. However, when he discovered TikTok, he took to creating simple recipes for his viewers. He told PopSugar “I’m too old to do some of the stuff the young people do on TikTok.” But he teaches his followers how to cook things like hot dogs, toast, pancakes and more.


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In addition to his cooking tutorials, he also posts sketches and skits, and in his videos, he is always wearing a different colored hat. The octogenarian says, “My following on TikTok are young people and they want me to be their grandpa or I remind them of their grandpa. This makes me happy as I don’t have any children or grandchildren. I live alone and the remarks and comments I get warm my heart and make me feel people do care and I’m not really alone anymore.”

Mr. Austin is self-taught. He says, “‘I’m self-taught as far as doing my video work on the camera and lighting and such and understanding how to do TikTok. If I don’t understand something I Google it or see if a video on YouTube has a subject on it.” That, and he is no stranger to entertainment. He tells Daily Mail that entertaining ins in his blood, saying, “My granddad was an entertainer and in vaudeville,’ he continued. ‘Maybe that’s where I get it from. My mother used to say I was silly just like him.”


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‘Old Man Steve’ actually used to have an account on the now-defunct app, Vine, where he had approximately 5,000 followers. So he is no stranger to the world of videos and social media. He expresses how grateful he is for his fans, and how they make him feel “loved.” This just goes to show that no matter how old you may be, you can always try something new. You never know, it just may take off like Old Man Steve’s videos!

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